Why Feminism?

What has caused the movement of Feminism?

Unequal rights that women have endured throughout the centuries has sparked the women’s liberation movement. Although the answer may seem obvious, how well-informed are you of the unequal occurrences happening around the world? I found two great articles talking about the issues women are facing at this present moment that I will link down below. It scares me to think about the unjust treatment women receive after all of the years people have spent combating the “women are inferior to men” mindset. Less income for the same job, domestic violence, or lack of education, whatever type of unjust treatment it may be, it is important to remind ourselves that it is  happening and is more common than you think. Feminism is here and it has a purpose. Although it receives plenty of criticism for appearing too radical, feminism was created to take a stand for issues that have been swept under the rug.  Feminism was created to inform the masses.



Think about it….

Yours truly,



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