Women objectified in the media

I remember very specifically,

A day when I was nine years old and taking a walk with my m0m at the mall. I asked her why women were often naked in ads. I proceeded to ask why men weren’t naked as often as women were, or never were at all. It’s not that my nine-year-old self wished to see naked men, on the contrary, I could not understand what of a woman’s body made it prone to being exposed in such a sexual way. I could not understand why women were constantly being disrespected in billboards, magazines, commercials, or store window displays.

How do people sell things these days?

By selling women of course. These days it is common to hear “sex sells”. It would be more accurate to say “a woman’s body sells”. What is the effect this has on young girls? Some will feel the need to look and act as sexual as the media shows them women should be. Others feel a woman’s job is to serve as eye-candy. Here is a link to the media’s most sexist ads, the ads young girls are constantly exposed to → http://www.scoopwhoop.com/inothernews/sexist-advertisements/

Yours truly,



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