What is Happening in Schools

A brave young girl decided to speak out,

Alexia Sambrano, a young teenage feminist blogger from South East High School, manages to capture the sentiments girls get on the daily with just a small blog post. She emphasizes the disgust they receive while asking questions on “mother nature’s monthly gift” and the silencing of girl’s voices. As a high school senior myself, Sambrano’s blog post is very relatable. While I will graduate from an all-girls school, I used to attend a co-ed one. Last week I was thinking about how restricted I felt in it. I always felt bad for being the “outspoken girl”, therefore, I practiced and learned to silence myself, to appear weaker. I am not saying co-ed schools are bad, far from it, they might even be helpful for girls to learn to defend themselves. I am purely stating my experience. When I began to attend an all-girls school, I learned to express myself more clearly. I learned to stand firmly by what I believe in. I also learned that it’s okay not to be “less”. I learned that acting strong is not a disadvantage, it is an advantage. I learned that equality is okay.

I learned that equality is what is right.

Alexia Sambrano’s post →   http://www.latimes.com/local/education/community/la-me-why-i-m-a-teenage-feminist-20160126-story.html

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Men in Action

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, prime example of how men can be involved

Justin Trudeau is not afraid to say he is a feminist, in fact, he loves to announce it. Through the power he has gained as Prime Minister, Trudeau has promised to focus on women’s rights. Some of his focus will go to equal pay and a gender-balanced cabinet. Through his example, many may follow. It is important for men to support feminism to showcase how feminism is not about gender superiority, feminism is solely about gender equality. With his influence, feminism has the potential to get back on track and regain the respectful definition it used to own. I’m not saying that just because Justin Trudeau has joined in the movement, that feminism will magically go back to a respected term in the blink of an eye. What I truly mean is that by more people joining in, our goal will be achieved faster.

Hurry! Tell your brothers, friends, boyfriend, or husband!

More on Justin Trudeau’s feminism….http://www.bustle.com/articles/137923-7-feminist-justin-trudeau-quotes-that-thrust-gender-equality-into-the-spotlight-will-also-make

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Feminist Historical Figure Time…

Mary Wollstonecraft

Due to the drastic form of feminism that have swept the world, I like to look at historical figures for better examples of what feminism should represent. On one of my previous posts I used St. Joan of Arc as an example. For this post I would love to talk about Mary Wollstonecraft.

Mary Wollstonecraft, the mother of Mary Shelley who is the author of Frankenstein, was an author herself. She was part of the Enlightenment period (1759-1797), therefore women’s rights were limited. No education for women. Mary Wollstonecraft focused on fighting for the right she believed to be hers and hundred of other women from the very beginning. Her books focused on co-education and sharing parental responsibilities between husband and wife. She also discussed the objectification of women.

To read more on Wollstonecraft… http://www.feministsforlife.org/herstory/marywollstonecraft/

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March for Life

Ladies and Gentlemen,

It is THAT weekend of the year, the weekend where many join to fight towards the freedom of life. Thousands will walk the streets of Washington D.C to liberate their pro-life spirit. I thought it was only proper for the occasion if I talked about the correlation between feminism and abortion.

In this day and age, feminism is linked to having the freedom to abort any baby that comes in the way. The reason is the”my body, my choice” argument. Yes, it is your own body. Yes, I agree that you have the complete right to do anything you want to your body. The problem is, when we are talking about abortion, we are not just talking about your body; when we talk about abortion we are talking about someone else’s life too. The only one in this world who has the right to decide between life and death is God, not us. Feminism is an equal rights movement, when abortion is carried out, we are taking the rights of an innocent human being. Therefore, for a feminist to participate in the pro-choice movement is for a feminist to go against her own ideals.

I do not mean to sound harsh and I am open to anyone else’s argument without closing my mind. This is only my opinion and no matter how many times I have heard contradicting arguments, I have yet to change my mind on where I stand in the abortion topic. I believe this to be right, good, and true.

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One time,

As my brother was going through a mall door, he held the door open for a young woman. He held the door just as he was raised to do, just as our mother constantly reinforced in his behavior towards women. He was educated to help them in whatever he could, not because my mother thought women were weak, but because it is what gentlemen do. As a result, the young woman started screaming at him accusing him of degrading her.
Many feminists out there claim that equality means letting the woman do all of the physical tasks a man can do, this includes opening their own doors. Some feminists completely reject the whole idea of what being a gentleman is. When a man is kind and helpful to a lady, it does not mean he thinks of her as more incompetent than him. That man probably has his mother’s voice in the back of his mind telling him to treat women with the respect they deserve.
Why are feminists rejecting respect?
My uncle once claimed that “feminism is an idea invented by men to save them from the burden of treating women with the dignity they pocess”. I disagree. I think the kind of feminism that has been distorted by radical women, the feminism my uncle was talking about, should not even be called feminism. Feminism is about social, economic, and political equality, not about leaving your armpits unshaved or your nipples exposed. It is about equal pay for the same job, the stop of catcalling, and equal edcuation for all the sexes. It is more than superficial things like holding doors open.
It is more than denying someone the respect they give you…

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Feminist Historical Figure

Saint Joan of Arc

In previous posts, I have talked about my definition of feminism. I talk about how I think we should re-define it. We need to strive for equality while maintaining the dignity of the woman. When I think of feminism, the first historical figure that pops into my mind is Saint Joan of Arc. It was in 1426, at only 16 years of age, when Saint Joan of Arc denied her father’s orders to marry. She knew she had a calling to save France and she stood strong by her decision to achieve her goal. Saint Joan of Arc followed her instinct and led the French army into victory against the Anglo-Burgundians at only 18 years of age. Although she was denied a spot in the French army for being a girl, she dressed up as a boy and tricked everyone. She fought against the unequal rules of the genders in the search for goodness. She did not let the common idea of “women seen as harmless creatures and meant to stay home and marry” stop her from defending her country.

Not only that….she actually won.

Saint Joan of Arc’s life after victory will be described in the following link→ http://www.history.com/topics/saint-joan-of-arc

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Over-sexualization of…everything

In a previous post,

I talked about the objectification of women in the media. Of course, not only women are targeted. Everything is in danger of being stripped off its purity. Friendships are a prime example. Can the opposite sexes be “just friends”? This is a question I have surprisingly heard numerous times with clashing answers. I have heard both the “yes” and the “no”. From the skeptical, I have heard the “maybe”. Personally, I believe boys and girls CAN be “just friends”. I don’t think everything has a sexual nature to it, therefore opposite sexes don’t ALWAYS have to be attracted to each other. Although there are many cases of friends becoming lovers, I believe it is not due to the inevitable but to the inexplicable. I leave it to fate.

Just as opposite-sex friendships are questioned, same-sex friendships fall victims to doubts too. This article explains the problem more clearly → http://thefederalist.com/2015/12/28/how-to-stop-sexualizing-everything/

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