Over-sexualization of…everything

In a previous post,

I talked about the objectification of women in the media. Of course, not only women are targeted. Everything is in danger of being stripped off its purity. Friendships are a prime example. Can the opposite sexes be “just friends”? This is a question I have surprisingly heard numerous times with clashing answers. I have heard both the “yes” and the “no”. From the skeptical, I have heard the “maybe”. Personally, I believe boys and girls CAN be “just friends”. I don’t think everything has a sexual nature to it, therefore opposite sexes don’t ALWAYS have to be attracted to each other. Although there are many cases of friends becoming lovers, I believe it is not due to the inevitable but to the inexplicable. I leave it to fate.

Just as opposite-sex friendships are questioned, same-sex friendships fall victims to doubts too. This article explains the problem more clearly → http://thefederalist.com/2015/12/28/how-to-stop-sexualizing-everything/

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