Feminist Historical Figure

Saint Joan of Arc

In previous posts, I have talked about my definition of feminism. I talk about how I think we should re-define it. We need to strive for equality while maintaining the dignity of the woman. When I think of feminism, the first historical figure that pops into my mind is Saint Joan of Arc. It was in 1426, at only 16 years of age, when Saint Joan of Arc denied her father’s orders to marry. She knew she had a calling to save France and she stood strong by her decision to achieve her goal. Saint Joan of Arc followed her instinct and led the French army into victory against the Anglo-Burgundians at only 18 years of age. Although she was denied a spot in the French army for being a girl, she dressed up as a boy and tricked everyone. She fought against the unequal rules of the genders in the search for goodness. She did not let the common idea of “women seen as harmless creatures and meant to stay home and marry” stop her from defending her country.

Not only that….she actually won.

Saint Joan of Arc’s life after victory will be described in the following link→ http://www.history.com/topics/saint-joan-of-arc

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