One time,

As my brother was going through a mall door, he held the door open for a young woman. He held the door just as he was raised to do, just as our mother constantly reinforced in his behavior towards women. He was educated to help them in whatever he could, not because my mother thought women were weak, but because it is what gentlemen do. As a result, the young woman started screaming at him accusing him of degrading her.
Many feminists out there claim that equality means letting the woman do all of the physical tasks a man can do, this includes opening their own doors. Some feminists completely reject the whole idea of what being a gentleman is. When a man is kind and helpful to a lady, it does not mean he thinks of her as more incompetent than him. That man probably has his mother’s voice in the back of his mind telling him to treat women with the respect they deserve.
Why are feminists rejecting respect?
My uncle once claimed that “feminism is an idea invented by men to save them from the burden of treating women with the dignity they pocess”. I disagree. I think the kind of feminism that has been distorted by radical women, the feminism my uncle was talking about, should not even be called feminism. Feminism is about social, economic, and political equality, not about leaving your armpits unshaved or your nipples exposed. It is about equal pay for the same job, the stop of catcalling, and equal edcuation for all the sexes. It is more than superficial things like holding doors open.
It is more than denying someone the respect they give you…

Yours truly,


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