March for Life

Ladies and Gentlemen,

It is THAT weekend of the year, the weekend where many join to fight towards the freedom of life. Thousands will walk the streets of Washington D.C to liberate their pro-life spirit. I thought it was only proper for the occasion if I talked about the correlation between feminism and abortion.

In this day and age, feminism is linked to having the freedom to abort any baby that comes in the way. The reason is the”my body, my choice” argument. Yes, it is your own body. Yes, I agree that you have the complete right to do anything you want to your body. The problem is, when we are talking about abortion, we are not just talking about your body; when we talk about abortion we are talking about someone else’s life too. The only one in this world who has the right to decide between life and death is God, not us. Feminism is an equal rights movement, when abortion is carried out, we are taking the rights of an innocent human being. Therefore, for a feminist to participate in the pro-choice movement is for a feminist to go against her own ideals.

I do not mean to sound harsh and I am open to anyone else’s argument without closing my mind. This is only my opinion and no matter how many times I have heard contradicting arguments, I have yet to change my mind on where I stand in the abortion topic. I believe this to be right, good, and true.

Yours truly,



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