Men in Action

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, prime example of how men can be involved

Justin Trudeau is not afraid to say he is a feminist, in fact, he loves to announce it. Through the power he has gained as Prime Minister, Trudeau has promised to focus on women’s rights. Some of his focus will go to equal pay and a gender-balanced cabinet. Through his example, many may follow. It is important for men to support feminism to showcase how feminism is not about gender superiority, feminism is solely about gender equality. With his influence, feminism has the potential to get back on track and regain the respectful definition it used to own. I’m not saying that just because Justin Trudeau has joined in the movement, that feminism will magically go back to a respected term in the blink of an eye. What I truly mean is that by more people joining in, our goal will be achieved faster.

Hurry! Tell your brothers, friends, boyfriend, or husband!

More on Justin Trudeau’s feminism….

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