What is Happening in Schools

A brave young girl decided to speak out,

Alexia Sambrano, a young teenage feminist blogger from South East High School, manages to capture the sentiments girls get on the daily with just a small blog post. She emphasizes the disgust they receive while asking questions on “mother nature’s monthly gift” and the silencing of girl’s voices. As a high school senior myself, Sambrano’s blog post is very relatable. While I will graduate from an all-girls school, I used to attend a co-ed one. Last week I was thinking about how restricted I felt in it. I always felt bad for being the “outspoken girl”, therefore, I practiced and learned to silence myself, to appear weaker. I am not saying co-ed schools are bad, far from it, they might even be helpful for girls to learn to defend themselves. I am purely stating my experience. When I began to attend an all-girls school, I learned to express myself more clearly. I learned to stand firmly by what I believe in. I also learned that it’s okay not to be “less”. I learned that acting strong is not a disadvantage, it is an advantage. I learned that equality is okay.

I learned that equality is what is right.

Alexia Sambrano’s post →   http://www.latimes.com/local/education/community/la-me-why-i-m-a-teenage-feminist-20160126-story.html

Yours truly,




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