Can a catholic be a feminist?

Popular opinion:no


“Because feminists support abortion”, “because feminists are against men” “because feminists are radical creatures that want to take over the world” (ignore the last one)

Reality: YES!

What is feminism? The movement to create the social, political, and economic equality of the sexes. Feminism in itself does not support the action of abortion, nor is it against men. Feminism is all about granting women the dignity that they deserve in the first place…I think that’s a pretty catholic thing to yearn for. The bible in itself does not mention feminism because feminism began around the 1920’s. Although the Bible does not specifically mention feminism, there are hints suggesting it would support it. The main example is that God created man and woman with the same dignity. Therefore, at the end of the day…all catholics SHOULD be feminists because the catholic church respects the equal dignity of every individual human being. 

More on the Bible and Feminism here 

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  1. Benjamin Brage · February 9, 2016

    You should do some research on some of the various waves of feminism and see which ones you want to engage with from a religious perspective.

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