What does it mean to you?

While i’m focusing my blog on what feminism means to me, i’m interested in what it means to you.  In the media, feminism is an ambiguous word. To some it means “superior to men”, to others it is “women standing up for themselfes”. This present world focuses a lot on not only what celebrities wear or do, but also what they think. It is important to acknowledge what the celebrities are saying on the topic because it is what a lot of people will take for example or credibility of the word. This source, http://time.com/2861278/famous-women-feminism/ , explains what many have to say on feminism. It was quite surprising for me to see that many women say they are not feminists themselves. In my opinion, all women should be feminists because we should stand up for each other. Then again, what is the definition of feminism that they have?….

Yours truly,



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