A Feminist against freeing the nipples

Feminism has succumbed itself to the morals of the present, over-sexualized society.

While the world has shifted to educating its people on sex through T.V shows, movies, billboard ads, magazine ads, songs, and books, Feminism made an instant reaction to modernization by shifting its goals. A prime example to this is the fight to end nipple censorship and anti-topless laws. Feminists all over the world are standing together and using their voice and energy to be able to freely expose their nipples to society. Since Feminism stands for equality, Feminists believe that being able to showcase women’s nipples to any onlooker should be just as natural and legal as men are able to do. They accuse society of a double-standard. They believe that the fact women’s nipples are censored and forced to stay hidden in public is just the beginning for more gender inequality to come. They want to end the sexualization of their nipples. This idea correlates to the ideal of no gender existing in the world, the idea of equality in both the physical and emotional form.

The fact of the matter is that men and women are different human beings, therefore should be treated differently. Their different treatment does not mean they should not receive equal rights. Men and women have different purposes in life. Men are naturally more protective while women are naturally more nurturing. Just are their brains differ, their bodies do the same. For as long as history has made it out to be, women’s breasts have been seen as something private. When Feminists challenge the traditional belief, people have unsettling reactions. Men are naturally attracted to bare breasts, therefore some do not bother to pry their eyes away from women’s bare bodies. Others are offended. Although it is not ideal, the reality of the subject is that women’s breasts have been sexualized and will continue to be seen as sexual body parts. If Feminists are fighting for the end of double-standard and the sexualization of women’s nipples, then men fighting for the end of the sexualization of their genitalia and the freedom to expose it could not be so far ahead. Women would naturally oppose this request because they would find it offensive and dangerous. Just as women would oppose this movement, they should understand that freeing the nipple is something very similar. Like it or not, women’s nipples are connected to sex, therefore should remain private or they will offend people.

Yours truly,





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