Feminism vs. abortion

Does Feminism and abortion make sense together?

Feminists’ view of abortion has significantly changed from 1970, when Feminists were pro-life. When the Supreme Court Case Rose vs. Wade ended in January 23, 1973, it legalized abortion in the United States. Feminists believe that the ability to freely practice abortion gives them the opportunity to dedicate themselves more to the fight for their social, political, and economic achievements. Feminists claim they would be a better use to the Feminist movement if they are able to control their reproductive consequences. Often, women choose to abort their baby because they believe that child would interfere with their school or work. When Feminists give in to abortion, they are taking the easy way out and not giving the problem a solution. They are satisfying society by eliminating a problem without dealing with the right kind of reforms. Feminists should be fighting for the right to proper maternity leave or free day-care, instead, women opt for the solution society convinces them to do given it is the easiest for society itself. Women choose the solution that involves physical and physiological damage. They get rid of the cause before it can become a potentially and most likely good event.

When Feminists support abortion, they are being hypocritical to their own cause. Feminists believe in equal rights. They believe women are not owned nor controlled by men. They also believe that women do not need the opinions of men to determine their own self-worth. While Feminists fight for these causes, they negate their own advancements by practicing abortion. When a woman aborts a baby, she is stating that she owns that human life inside of her. She is also stating that she has the right to control whether or not that human person will live. She is stating that she has the right to determine that baby’s self-worth because that baby is too young to protest therefore it does not really have a legitimate stand on whether or not it gets to live. She is practicing everything she is trying to eliminate but instead of a man practicing it on a woman it is a mother practicing it on her own child.

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