One time,

As my brother was going through a mall door, he held the door open for a young woman. He held the door just as he was raised to do, just as our mother constantly reinforced in his behavior towards women. He was educated to help them in whatever he could, not because my mother thought women were weak, but because it is what gentlemen do. As a result, the young woman started screaming at him accusing him of degrading her.
Many feminists out there claim that equality means letting the woman do all of the physical tasks a man can do, this includes opening their own doors. Some feminists completely reject the whole idea of what being a gentleman is. When a man is kind and helpful to a lady, it does not mean he thinks of her as more incompetent than him. That man probably has his mother’s voice in the back of his mind telling him to treat women with the respect they deserve.
Why are feminists rejecting respect?
My uncle once claimed that “feminism is an idea invented by men to save them from the burden of treating women with the dignity they pocess”. I disagree. I think the kind of feminism that has been distorted by radical women, the feminism my uncle was talking about, should not even be called feminism. Feminism is about social, economic, and political equality, not about leaving your armpits unshaved or your nipples exposed. It is about equal pay for the same job, the stop of catcalling, and equal edcuation for all the sexes. It is more than superficial things like holding doors open.
It is more than denying someone the respect they give you…

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Feminist Historical Figure

Saint Joan of Arc

In previous posts, I have talked about my definition of feminism. I talk about how I think we should re-define it. We need to strive for equality while maintaining the dignity of the woman. When I think of feminism, the first historical figure that pops into my mind is Saint Joan of Arc. It was in 1426, at only 16 years of age, when Saint Joan of Arc denied her father’s orders to marry. She knew she had a calling to save France and she stood strong by her decision to achieve her goal. Saint Joan of Arc followed her instinct and led the French army into victory against the Anglo-Burgundians at only 18 years of age. Although she was denied a spot in the French army for being a girl, she dressed up as a boy and tricked everyone. She fought against the unequal rules of the genders in the search for goodness. She did not let the common idea of “women seen as harmless creatures and meant to stay home and marry” stop her from defending her country.

Not only that….she actually won.

Saint Joan of Arc’s life after victory will be described in the following link→

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Over-sexualization of…everything

In a previous post,

I talked about the objectification of women in the media. Of course, not only women are targeted. Everything is in danger of being stripped off its purity. Friendships are a prime example. Can the opposite sexes be “just friends”? This is a question I have surprisingly heard numerous times with clashing answers. I have heard both the “yes” and the “no”. From the skeptical, I have heard the “maybe”. Personally, I believe boys and girls CAN be “just friends”. I don’t think everything has a sexual nature to it, therefore opposite sexes don’t ALWAYS have to be attracted to each other. Although there are many cases of friends becoming lovers, I believe it is not due to the inevitable but to the inexplicable. I leave it to fate.

Just as opposite-sex friendships are questioned, same-sex friendships fall victims to doubts too. This article explains the problem more clearly →

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I’m a commercial junky,

I love inspiring commercial ads. I especially love the brand Always “like a girl” commercial campaign ads. I have linked a video to one of their campaign commercials in a previous post of mine. Here is another one with a great message that encourages women to keep persevering in their talents, hobbies, and dreams →

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Women objectified in the media

I remember very specifically,

A day when I was nine years old and taking a walk with my m0m at the mall. I asked her why women were often naked in ads. I proceeded to ask why men weren’t naked as often as women were, or never were at all. It’s not that my nine-year-old self wished to see naked men, on the contrary, I could not understand what of a woman’s body made it prone to being exposed in such a sexual way. I could not understand why women were constantly being disrespected in billboards, magazines, commercials, or store window displays.

How do people sell things these days?

By selling women of course. These days it is common to hear “sex sells”. It would be more accurate to say “a woman’s body sells”. What is the effect this has on young girls? Some will feel the need to look and act as sexual as the media shows them women should be. Others feel a woman’s job is to serve as eye-candy. Here is a link to the media’s most sexist ads, the ads young girls are constantly exposed to →

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“……like a girl”

Yes, I play, run, hit, fight, and walk like a girl because I AM a girl!

But why is “like a girl” supposed to be an insult? The amount of times I heard that growing up is unbelievable. Likewise, the effect it had on my performance is too. I felt self-conscious I was going to look too girly while playing sports, that a hint of my femininity was going to come out. I tried to imitate the boys to feel good enough about my capacities.

During the 2015 Super Bowl, the brand Always came out with a commercial addressing this common issue. It’s definitely worth the watch →

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Lack of an education

What if?

What if you weren’t able to go to school? What if you never learned how to read? What about write? You would have to go around the world with such limited knowledge that your opportunities for a better future would be lacking. Although many of us curse at those all-nighters and that “C” on the test we studied so hard for, school gives us the opportunity to take what we learn on the classroom and apply it to the real world. I’m not just talking about the lessons, I’m also talking about the skills gained while pursuing an education. School teaches us that if we work hard enough, we get results. It also gives us the chance to express ourselves, figure out what we want, what we like, and what we don’t. It gives us the tools to survive in the real world.

But what if we didn’t have this opportunity?

This is the reality of 65 million girls in the world, 65 million who do not attend school. 61% of the 123 million young who are illiterate happen to be women. Women around the world, especially in third world countries, are still taught that staying at home is their duty. They see their brothers walking out the door on their way to school while they are left behind, left behind clutching the broom to clean the floor, left behind to cook the chicken and the soup.

While the world has come far from the days when women’s education was illegal, the root of the problem still exists. Here is a link to an article talking more about the issue →

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About a year ago…

Emma Watson spoke out on gender inequality. Most of you have probably already read/heard her speech before, if not, I will leave a link down below of her U.N speech. As a United Nations ambassador, Emma decided to stand up not only for women, but for men too. Instead of focusing on the roles of women on feminism, she also talked about the unequal expectations for men. For years, feminism has been associated as a movement only for women. Watson made it clear that it is a movement meant for our male counterparts too. If the genders unite, the goal of equality will be achieved faster.  The 25-year-old ambassador was able to reach numerous demographics, something many feminist activists are unable to do.

“How can we affect change in the world when only half of it is invited or feel welcome to participate in the conversation?” -Emma Watson

I am a huge advocate for the HeForShe campaign. I think it is a way to look at feminism that is not touched upon often but is necessary to be taught. Here is the link to her U.N speech →

These are some quotes from other HeForShe campaign conversations with the public → and

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What we are

We do not hate men

We do not believe we have to be in charge at all times.

We are not advocating for female supremacy.

We are not women who decide not to shave because men do not have to.

We do not want to flash our boobs at everyone.

We are not women who scream at men for holding the doors open for us because we believe they think we are too weak to do it ourselves.

We are not women who choose not to wear makeup because men do not have to.

We are not angry all the time.

But we are…

We are fighting to grant other women in the world the right to an education.

We are fighting to stop female infanticide. 

We are  fighting to stop domestic violence.

We are fighting to stop unequal wages.

Fighting because women are denied positions in the workforce due to them  considered not “capable” of handling it since they are females.

We are fighting to stop the constant sexual trafficking of women.

Fighting for equality.

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Why the bad reputation?

Why does feminism have a negative connotation?

A vast majority of the people who get asked about feminism will associate it directly to campaigns like the SlutWalk and Free the Nipple. Others associate it to FEMEN, a group of topless female activists founded in Ukraine. The goal of these campaigns and activists is to stop the over-sexualization of women’s bodies and  the spread of rape. While their intentions are more than okay, I can’t help but think that the way they are addressing the issue is out of place.

These movements use bare breasts as their main tactic to get the message across….

They are trying to stop the over-sexualization of the female body by utilizing nudity which, for me, lowers the dignity of a woman and it becomes counterproductive. It is scientifically proven that a man’s brain immediately considers a woman less intellectually capable when he sees her half-naked. This is a rather big issue considering that these women are trying to get respect from men by being topless.

A woman has the capability to get her point across without having to utilize her body as means for attention.

The real issues feminism is trying to solve (talked about in my last post) are being overshadowed by topless women who are taking over the true meaning of feminism. Something needs to be done to change that common response of “Me? A feminist? Pff no, no!” to a “HECK YES!” when women (and even men) are asked whether they support the movement or not.

More on how the male brain works when seeing a half-naked woman→

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